With a career spanning over 40 years, Bob Terry is a professional drummer, educator, clinician, author, and consultant in the music industry. He has credits as a touring/recording drummer for many internationally known artists as well as a marketing executive and consultant for some of the top music manufacturers and professional drummers in the world. Bob offers a full range of services that include: live performance, custom recorded drum tracks, master classes, clinics, coaching, mentoring, seminars, speaking engagements and consultation.


Bob Terry has played on numerous recordings and a countless number of live performances with internationally known artists; perhaps most notably the British pop band, Wang Chung. He specializes in simple, solid, and steady grooves that serve the song. He’s a singer/songwriter’s best friend.


Bob works as a consultant with many top music instrument manufacturers that have included Yamaha Corporation of America and Japan, KHS America and Taiwan, and Line 6, to name a few. He has held the positions of marketing director and manager of artist relations. He works closely with some of the top drummers in the world on electronic drumming, personal management, career development, and public relations. 


Additionally, Bob authored a book entitled The Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Drums; published and distributed by the Hal Leonard Corporation.


Bob holds a position as a staff member within the drum program at the prestigious Musicians Institute, College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, California. He mentors students in career development, lessons, and electronic drumming.